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Sunday, August 14, 2016

one of my best-kept style secrets:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Wet Spot in Paradise August 26 - September 1

i'll be there with www.artisticdomme.com from August 29th (demo at 2p) until August 31st ... look for me at the cellpopping demo & vending booth!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Multiply No Mo

Due to the mature content of my photo album, Multiply deleted my account. Currently my online portfolio can only be accessed at Flickr (beauch79) - sign up for a free membership, then add me as a contact ... i'll then put you on my friend list and you'll be able to view my private pictures.

my album is 'adult', containing depictions of my s-m lifestyle ... if the subject disturbs you, please don't look.

i'm still hoping Yahoo gets it together and creates a wonderful marvelous ever-so-rocking replacement for its dying 360. i'm exploring other social sites, so when i do indeed find that perfect blogging site just for me, i'll let everyone know.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kinkfest 2008

Kinkfest Registration closes this Friday at midnight PST. Sign up now before it's too late.
We cannot sell tickets at the door!!!
Don't be left crying outside in the cold while everyone else is enjoying the steamy dungeon!!!
Go to http://www.kinkfest.org and sign up for a real good time.
LAST CHANCE!! Kinksters do NOT want to miss this. This is Kinkfest's 10th year!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Now Using Multiply


Since 360 has been abandoned by Yahoo as it develops its mysterious Universal Profile, i've decided to migrate my blogs, friends list and photos to Multiply. i've also brought in my Blogger blog, even though i haven't had any time to devote to it. i tried to hang on to 360 for as long as possible, but it's become just too damn frustrating.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

i see skeery people

Ooooook ... the newest (& glossed over) criminal act? Georgie establishes HIMSELF as the overseer in the event of an "emergency":

Bush Anoints Himself as the Ensurer of Constitutional Government in Emergency

Now, i'm not making tin foil hats or anything, but all of these dots are starting to make me just a little bit jumpy:

Military Commissions Act of 2006

Executive Orders Issued by President George W. Bush

Executive Orders that would suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights



Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps

FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders


Unitary Executive Theory

Georgie has desecrated the Constitution, neutered the Bill of Rights, and decided that the Geneva Convention is antiquated. The USA isn't a member of the International Criminal Court (how conVEEEEEEnient), and the 100,000 acres Georgie bought is in Paraguay - a country that doesn't extradite war criminals (isn't that special?). He's stocked the Supreme Court and the Department of Justice and the US Attorneys offices and the regulatory commissions with his Loyal Bushies.

SOMEone is preparing a big ol' heapin' bowl of coverhisass.

We have secret prisons, secret police, torture chambers, and are systematically exterminating a people of a particular faith. Grandpappy Prescott would be so proud.

It's become obvious that we are unable to stop this madman as far as Iraq is concerned ... first, he announces after the 2006 elections that he's going to embark on a "listenin' ter" through January and the troops won't mind delaying any decisions concerning their lives a few more months if'n it means Georgie gets to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas safensound in his Crawford spread. i wonder why he didn't have webcasts so the troops could watch him and be thankful he gets to spend the holidays with his family and friends?

So, the voters on 11/06 say "get outta Iraq", and what does The Decider decide? "Ah'm a-sendin' in MORE troops".

Congress sends him the first spending bill, that includes "get outta Iraq", and what does The Commander Guy command? "Ah'm extendin' tours from 12 ta 15 months".

So i guess the reason the Democrats caved to what he's wanted all along is because the troops simply can't survive anymore of Georgie's "strategic revisions". If they get any more forceful in their requests for ending his war, his next response may just be another surge ... oh, wait; never mind.

i believe the public will NOT accuse the Democrats of not funding the troops if they were to LOUDLY prove that we're not talking about stranding them at the bus stop ... and more importantly, what the "funding" has been all about to begin with.

Georgie initially sent our kids in uniform (i'm starting to REALLY hate the term "troops" - i think it's dehumanizing them) into places called Ambush Alley in Humvees without doors. They lacked adequate body armour and other precautions. He allowed Halliburton to feed them tainted food and provide them contaminated water, and charge them $100 per laundry load. Blackwater contractors number nearly the same as our forces, and have an average pay of around $100,000 per year (didja notice that Bush recently TURNED DOWN a request to give our kids a SIX DOLLAR A MONTH raise??? That along with Walter Reed should pretty much finish off any of this nonsense that Georgie cares about our service personnel) with no oversight. He's built a 104-acre embassy fortress along with at least 14 permanent military bases. The contractors have a nightclub inside the embassy where they can escape the horrors of the ravaged country every night and enjoy gourmet meals and liquor.

Besides these outrageous costs, there has been corruption and overcharging and oh yes shrinkwrapped pallets o cash that just, yanno, disappear. SOOOOO - it's the Democrats who aren't funding "the troops in harm's way"??? Gimme a fucking break.

Osama prevailed in Afghanistan against the mighty Soviet Union by merely keeping them there, bleeding dry their treasury and military, until it crumpled in a heap. That's why i can firmly believe with confidence that he really DOESN'T want us to leave Iraq - no one would abandon a winning strategy.

Well - ALmost no one.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Hire The Morally Handicapped

Q: What's even better than winning a Gold Medal at the Special Olympics?
A: Not being retarded in the first place.

We're not ALL idiots, Georgie.

We know what it means when you & your parroting bobbleheads insist on a new era of bipartisianship, of putting politics aside & working together, of putting the past behind us on a New Way Forward (reg trade pat pend).

You're saying "pleasepleasePLEASE don't treat us the same way we treated you."

Well, not to worry ... we couldn't POSSIBLY be as cruel, as rabidly hate-filled, as so freaking arrogant as you. We'll come in & clean up your mess, & may even salvage a decent legacy for you. Mostly, of course, we'll just be trying to keep you from touching anything else - we'll carefully put all those big-boy agendas up on a high shelf, out of your clumsy reach, where they'll be waiting safe & sound for a competent & qualifed president to handle.

The rest of the country is FINALLY seeing through all the bullshit we've been pointing out lo these ever-so-long six years. You've actually helped that happen once you quit even pretending to be honest. We knew you always meant the opposite of what you said: "i'm a uniter" (coughgagblech) ... "when i'm talkin' wiretappin', i'm talkin' warrants" ... "we do not torture". But admitting you lied about retaining Rummy & that PSYCH there's no connection between Iraq & 9-11? Priceless.

Your verbal gymnastics no longer fool anyone; you were called uncurious, so you added the word "interesting" to every fucking speech ... we accused you of living in a bubble, so you think saying "i unnerstand that" makes us believe you actually do. And i just love the "lookit lookit i readed a whole BOOK - what books do YOU read?" as your new ice-breaker. Your presidential library is going to have the accoustics of the Met. And probably it's own weather system.

You sound utterly ridiculous.

We have politely sat by & let you call us names & cast doubt on our patriotism ... we have let your talking heads loudly drown out our words & ideas ... we've behaved with quiet dignity & refused to rise to your taunts. Like the tortoise, we have slowly trudged on a steady path & it has finally paid off as the insane hyperactive hare goes flying off the racetrack to gawd-knows-where.

We are grown-ups. We will show you professional courtesy because that's what we do.

Just don't confuse that with respect.