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Friday, August 04, 2006


Q: What's the opposite of Christopher Reeve?
A: Christopher Walken

According to Georgie, i'm a serial killer.

Not every fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall & becomes a baby; most of them are flushed out along with the discarded lining each month. But following the line of thinking used to veto federal funding for stem cell research, any female who has a period is killing innocent life. i guess we can't blame Georgie for not understanding what 'innocent life' really is - he's pretty sheltered. He's never really seen the dead Iraqi people he's responsible for slaughtering, & he doesn't greet coffins or attend the funerals of the soldiers he's sent to guard his 104-acre self-contained oil executive retirement villa being built over there.

But there really SHOULD be someone to explain to him that he's not saving any life by having a blastocyst discarded instead of donated to research. i know, i know - science is JUST SO HARD. It's JUST SO BORING. Scientists use SUCH BIG WORDS.

i've noticed how science is reviled by the fundamentalists unless it's for their OWN purposes. They like to trumpet how "children are a blessing from God". But when, for whatever reason, God chooses not to bless them, THEN it's "help scientists!! In vitro me .. test-tube me ... DO SOMETHING SCIENTIFIC". What about the whole it's-the-will-of-God thing? i tell you, every week it seems like there's yet ANOTHER hypocritical/conflicting ideological soup to strain. And yes - i'm targeting the fundies; this veto was their serving of red meat.

Being the wife of the patron saint of the neocons, you'd think that Nancy Reagan would've had more clout. Superman (The American Way) & Alex P. Keaton (Junior Capitalist Extraordinaire) don't seem to matter, either. No research for the quality or prolonging of life, but protection of what just only possibly maybe perhaps hypothetically someday could be a future human. Ironic, when you consider we're being ruled by an apocalyptic cult who is depleting all of our resources today because they don't believe there will be a tomorrow.


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