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Thursday, August 10, 2006

my karma just ran over your dogma

Religion is a source of strength in a world torn apart by religion - Jon Stewart

This is not a Christian Country.

This is a country that includes Christians.

And Jews. And Muslims. And Pagans. And people like me - who believe we're the product of Annunaki genetic engineering.

The forefathers were not Christians, nor were the laws they enacted Biblical; we don't stone disrespectful children, sell our daughters into slavery, or pay our taxes with livestock. They specified freedom of religion because they knew all too well the horrors of a theocracy. It's Christian Fundamentalism that has sponsored such hits as The Inquisition, The Crusades, The Holocaust, & burning people at the stake.

Evolution is NOT a theory ... it is a proven, documented, undeniable & verified fact. It's DARWINISM that is a theory. So evolution does indeed belong in a science class. On the other hand, if you wish to teach Intelligent Design in a public school, i insist you use Zacharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles as the text (oooh read the companion Genesis Revisited first).

Much of the Bible is indeed based on historical fact; archeology has bourne this out. However, much of Greek Mythology is ALSO based on such ... Heinrich Schleimann found Agamemnon's tomb & proved Troy actually existed. Every civilization needs myths, to explain what it cannot understand & to relate fables that instill the morals they wish their society to possess.

There is no 'War on Christianity'. Fundamentalists have gotten very vocal, & many have become downright bullies; what you're seeing is NOT an oppression of Christians, but a refusal by those of us not willing to be imposed upon - a reminder that not everyone adheres to what they believe. You can wear your crosses & carry your Bibles & drown your children all you want ... but there are some of us who don't share the belief in some skygod who will one day rip all the corpses from their crypts when he tires of watching us tear each other apart.

i'm guessing not a lot of zealots themselves are all that committed to their Apocalyptic visions ... their faith seems so fragile that a movie (Da Vinci Code) will shake it from its foundations; their unions so threatened that another group (gays & lesbians) getting married will destroy their own. If i followed the same doctrine as Charles Manson & Jim Jones, i suppose i'd be a little paranoid myself.

Those of us who aren't consumed by the End-Times will continue planning for a future, obtaining quality education for our kids, trying to get everyone health care, & separating our recyclables. Yes, i'm a tree-hugging bleeding-heart liberal ... just like Jesus.


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